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Custom Software Development

In Modern-World All businesses needs software integration. This ensure that the business runs smoothly and cost-effectively. We provide custom software suited to your needs whether the software is desktop or mobile application. We understand what is at stake for our customers and that is why our team of developers are persistent on providing you the most advanced software technologies (.NET , Java , JQuery, C++) to keep you ahead of the Competition. Our team understands the need to hear the clients and we value your input very much. We also feel it is our responsibility to help you guide till the end, we help integrate Cloud-Based Technologies into the Applications to cut further on the development and running costs, also we understand that with evolving technologies, it is our responsibility to keep you updated as mobile phones have replaced computers as the foremost device on internet we understand more of the consumer based businesses need mobile apps to further expand their operations. We develop Apps on Android and IOS Platform so that the client can increase their reach.


Web Designing and Development

When you enter through our doors, we take care of you! Our Web Services Clears every stone in your path and provides you with the final product. We do everything from designing your website to making sure you achieve your purpose of the website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many other tools. So, the next time someone searches for your product on search engine your name popups first. Our team of software architects, developers, testers, project managers and quality assurance specialists work unanimously via constant interaction and unmatched attention. With cutting edge tools like ASP.Net, Angular, Reach, PHP, MYSQL, HTML5 etc. our goal is to provide the best possible user experience.


Custom Content Management System

We offer CMS services especially for enterprise, we do all the work so you can sit back and relax. Our system is very sophisticated with built-in mobile technology you can update your content on the palm of your hand. If your business requires maintaining your own site and having a dynamic customer interface, then Content Management Systems are for you
the services are for but not limited to:

• Custom Information websites

• Custom Shopping systems

• Custom Booking systems

• Database developmental applications


Application Management

Application Maintenance is the most important aspect of many businesses especially those that built Apps for Consumer market. we understand the application of any customer is like their children and we intend to take care of it like caregivers at a daycare. we intend to nurture it and help it achieve its potential. we manage the day to day operations and work to release new updates to help perfect your product.


Quality Assurance and Testing

when you walk through our doors with an idea, we intend to change it into reality. When you take our lifecycle product service all you have to do is watch the show go on. with your input we develop the product from the concept after many trials and prototypes we develop the product, but our work doesn't end here also help you market the product to help you reach your desire audiences.


Product lifecycle management

We fully Understand that it is our responsibility to provide you with exactly the project needs. Sure, there can be discrepancies, but we intend to eliminate them before the product reaches you. Our team of engineers greatly stress on the satisfaction of the customers. Hence, we check the product time after time checking for any bugs, so that they don't crawl in your bed :)


Cloud Computing

Cloud Technology is one of the most important aspects of businesses in today’s world. Gone are the days when you needed server rooms to support your web architecture. With Modern Web Services, you don’t have to invest in expensive web infrastructure. The funds could be used in other aspects of the business. With little to worry about the burdens of maintenance and support, you have more time to focus on your actual product. We have experts who are fully proficient in Cloud Technology and will help save your bucks and allow you to run your business with convenience. Our Experts Specializes in Microsoft Azure One of the Leading Cloud Computing Technology in the Market, so rest assured you are in safe hands.


Digital Marketing

As the saying goes, Modern Problems require modern solutions. TSOHB is here to keep you updated with the modern world. Digital Marketing utilizes the internet and online-based technologies like social media platforms to increase your reach to a broader audience. It helps your business to grow in ways you could never have imagined. Our Digital Marketing Services consist of everything, whether it is making a company logo or pamphlet design e.g., menu designing for restaurant/ food cart or helping you grow your already established business using digital tools like Social Media or helping to make a website for your business. We understand that all companies have different kinds of audiences, and it is essential to target your audience. Our experts are updated with all the latest trends. It helps us to connect with all types of people, whether it’s the Millennials or Gen-Zs that respond to memes, or your product is meant for corporate businesses that require sophistication.

In line with the Digital world of mobile phones, we also know it is vital to have your presence on this platform. We also offer support to make mobile applications for IOS and Android platforms. We cater to all your needs and give you the right advice on how to proceed with your ambitions so that your expenses do not exceed your budget and needs. So once you enter through our doors, be assured that we will take care of you in every aspect. When you join us, we think of you as part of our family and treat your business with the same attention that we would do our own.


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