Virtual Menu

  • Date :20.12.2018
  • Client :Ghassan Almari
  • Status :Completed
  • Location : Dubai, UAE

With VMenu, customers view their meals before ordering, study nutritional information, design their own custom-made orders and visualise different meals on the menu. VMenu lists food on a menu digitally, breaking it down into ingredients used in the making and calculating the number of calories consumed. The calorie count can then be adjusted by adding, taking out or replacing one or more ingredients. Customers can specify allergies, likes and dislikes and ensure that any restaurant using the app will make a note of preferences as the information is registered at the backend. The web-based app can be accessed by scanning a QR code.

TSOHB are the developers of the mobile application that is on IOS and Android Platforms. Virtual menu is designed for the restaurants to help them to switch the paper menu into touchpad interactive platform the main objective is to enrich and upgrade the dining experience. This shows our commitment of providing the cutting-edge technology to our customers. We are fully accustomed to modern technological tools used in applications and will provide you with all the required tools suited to your needs.

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